Dave Sanderson's SquirrelCam


The The Live squirrel camera shows my office, which has been invaded by terrorist squirrels. The camera system checks the picture every 15 seconds, and if it has changed since the last one, it uploads a new frame. In addition it uploads a new frame every 60 minutes, even if there has not been a change. The window that opens when you click on "Click here for The Live SquirrelCam", refreshes every 30 seconds. When I'm not around, or there seems to be a high probability of another attack, such as when I hear the enemy scratching inside the walls, all the frames are saved locally so they can be reviewed later.

Click here for The Live SquirrelCam


"The capture of Uday Squirrel,
June 4th 2003"

"The capture of Qusay Squirrel,
June 10th 2003"

"The capture of Abu Squirrel,
June 20th 2003"

Sleeper Cells!

The army of the Squirrel Liberation front has launched their spring offensive

The return of Musab Squirrel
A.K.A. Stupid Squirrel
June 20th 2004